How can the magnavox hdtv be program to allow color to flow from different DVD player without the original magnavox remote control?

Answer you need to bring the remote and the car to a GM dealership and have them do it. its like 50 for the remote and 50 for them to program it

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How do you program Magnavox smart remote control?

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How do you program my dish network remote to my magnavox DVD player?

turn on the player hold the aux button till it blinks and enter the code 874458

What is the dishnetwork remote control code for magnavox DVD player?

There are a few different DISH Network remote codes that you can try for your Magnavox DVD player & one will successfully program your remote the codes are as follows, 527 or 556, 554, or 533.

I want to program my samsung remote that came with the tv to my magnavox blue ray dvd player were do i start ?

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