How can the iPod be improved?

Answer built in headphones

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Can iq be improved?

On One Hand: IQ May Be Genetically Pre-DeterminedAs with other genetic traits, such as hair or eye color, which are passed on biologically, this may also be the case with IQ. A large percentage of ... Read More »

How has the camera been improved?

AnswerCameras have gone from stand still cameras to instant.There films have changed there lenses, the size, lots have things have changed about cameras.there size has changed and the way the pic... Read More »

DIY Improved Gas Mileage?

To get better gas mileage, you do not need to make any mechanical changes to your car. Just making a few subtle changes in your driving habits and relieving your car of excess weight will result in... Read More »

Will the iPhone 4 be improved soon?

yes the new iphone 4 will be inproved with new features such as and new camera with strong pixes. It will also have knew apps better then funface and oovo will be a new app !! I HOPE !!