How can the government pay your parents for child care?

Answer If the grandparents have had custody the parents of the child have to pay them child support. If you by child care mean daycare that is also the parents who pay for that.

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Why are parents foster parents family members babysitters and child care providers all considered caregivers?

because they are willing to take care of you and they love you

Who is to blame for child abuse government or parents?

A child is the responsibility of the parents and they are directly responsible for child abuse; it has nothing to do with the government.

When parents have a child removed by social services in Massachusetts what parental rights still apply for them to protect their child in foster care?

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Government Funding for Child Care in Canada?

Raising children in Canada in the 21st century can be expensive. For single-parent families or families with both parents working or studying full time, professional child care is often an expense.... Read More »