How can the currents help birds hover?

Answer Birds use air currents to achieve wind hovering in a number of ways. Some birds like hummingbirds, kingfishers and kestrels rely on wing power to hover, while other larger species glide directly in... Read More »

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Help! Im stuck on Angry Birds (An ipod touch game) on 3-5. Its like impossible! Can anyone help me Thanks.?

Believe it or not it can be done in one. You need to fire the red bird high and land on the structure from above, it may not go first time every time but it opens up the top to do it again with the... Read More »

Help! Birds on the power line?

This boggles my mind... you think the birds are in danger of electrocution, even though you've never seen a fried one, so you spray them with water - a natural conducter of electricity -so that if ... Read More »

Do mother birds kill baby birds if handled by humans?

It is a myth that mother birds kill their young if humans touch them. Birds have a very poor sense of smell and cannot distinguish a human smell. Also, mother birds have a very strong protective in... Read More »

Do birds eat dead baby birds of different species?

Many species of birds--such as crows, ravens and vultures--eat carrion, or dead animals. These birds will eat any dead animal, including dead baby birds of different species, that make an easy meal... Read More »