How can teens become actors in Hollywood?

Answer Hollywood can be a great place for teens to get their acting careers started, but teens must be prepared to face fierce competition; many people flock to this city in search of acting jobs.Get Trai... Read More »

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Why does Hollywood refuse to show close up shots of the bare feet of most women actors in photographs and movies?

I once read someone noticed Ava gardner was flat footed (some movie - she posed in a similar pose of the Naked Maja) . It won't do for a sexy woman to have feet that look like "real feet."hackberry... Read More »

How to Become a Hollywood Director?

Consider whether a film school is a viable option to learn what's necessary so that you have the technical understanding of story structure, and how to assemble the film you will eventually shoot .... Read More »

How do I become a Hollywood singer?

The first step toward making your dream of singing in Hollywood is to move there. Hollywood and the entire Los Angeles area boasts a lively and thriving music scene. It is also at the center of mus... Read More »

How to Become a Hollywood Movie Actor?

Making it "big" in Hollywood doesn't usually happen overnight. Prominent actors like Jim Carrey and Sarah Jessica Parker struggle for years before rising to the top. Actors must sometimes do things... Read More »