How can something that is so easy one day be so hard the next?

Answer Life...I guess that's what it's all'll get easy again...

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What is something REALLY smelly that is easy to make/get?

Whats a good makeup natural look that i can use for highschool Something easy?

Hey!!! I'm also african american and in higshool and i use a lot of MAC products like their studio fix concealer in nc 50 and their skin finish natural powder in give me sun! But i want to try ti... Read More »

Who is next of kin to minor children of divorced parents if legal guardian is in an accident or something of that manor?

You need to add more details. The parents are divorced. The child has a "legal guardian" rather than being in custody of the custodial parent. The child may have another living parent. The court wo... Read More »

If a loud man on TV says I need to buy something in the next 3 minutes, is that a sign of a really good deal?

No!And it is ridiculous to believe those ads where someone says you will get a beter price if you call in the next ? number of minutes.Only perdson in "traffic" at radio/TV station knows when that ... Read More »