How can someone pull up there e-mail from my computer?

Answer If your friend's email is through an online service (i.e. gmail, yahoo), then they should be able to access it by simply using the internet and logging in.

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How do I pull up an SD card on a computer?

Insert the SD card into your computer's SD card slot or USB SD card reader. If you have AutoRun enabled, a window will open. Click the "Show files in Windows" option. If a window does not open, cli... Read More »

After switching mail service to classic mail. how do I switch back to original mail mode?

Log in to the classic view. There is a button (all new mail) on the tool bar in the upper right corner next to the help button. Click it and it switches you over.

How to Pull the Desktop Computer Prank?

This prank will freak your friends out by making them think their monitor is broken.

How to Pull a Computer Logoff Prank?

Is there someone you don't like who has a user account on your computer (which is running Windows)? Follow these steps to make them automatically log off every time they try to log on.