How can someone get a virus from just opening an email?

Answer "I know of no email program that would automatically run any type of script hidden in the email."What? Have you ever hear of Microsoft Outlook? Until Microsoft patched the crap out of it over the y... Read More »

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Can i get a virus from an email by simply opening it?

Yes, new breeds of viral infections called Malware (destructive little buggers) can be released by opening the Email ( in this case, the message itself is the trojan ).An affirmation to start: 1) N... Read More »

Can you get a Computer Virys just by Opening a Email..?

You can. And don't let arrogant people's insults fool you. Yes, you can get a virus by just opening the e-mail. Sometimes, attachments have the ability to auto-open, and if this is so, and the atta... Read More »

NEW VIRUS.. anyonelse aware of it Just got this email saying..?

Naaaaah.....I got it too, don't think it's a virus. Probably someone thought it was a good idea to tell everyone it was a virus so everybody could pass his/her chain e-mail to everybody else.You ca... Read More »

How do i block a URL from opening in an email?

Highlight TextHighlight the URL with your mouse after copying and pasting or typing it. Click and hold the left mouse button and drag it across the URL to do so. Click the icon in your email progra... Read More »