How can printers be so cheap when ink is expensive?

Answer One word answer: Marketing!They sell the printer at a loss to create a customer for ink cartridges. The revenues from the sale of ink cartridges more than makes up for the loss on the printer.It's... Read More »

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Y is printer ink so expensive and the printers so cheap ( almost equal in price ) ?

Buy your ink on the net, it's cheaper.Example: Epson costs about 19.95 for black and 24.95 for color.On the net, black is 1.99 and color is 2.99.Hope this helps.

Cheap wireless printers?

they're mutually exclusive. cheap = poorly made and problematic and expensive ink cartridges which will take away more money than you saved buying "cheap."Epson wins for best price/feature comparis... Read More »

Cheap Printer Ink Ruins Printers?

I agree with you that cheap inks are a bad idea. There's a reason they are so cheap. It's because they use very low quality ink in their cartridges. Even though manufacturer's ink is a few dollars ... Read More »

Who sells cheap ink cartridges for hp printers?

If you're buying online, amazon has some good deals. Here's a link for hp ink cartridges…