How can play be used in a lesson?

Answer I don't think I completely understand your question, but preschool children learn by playing. children learn hands on so lessons must be turned into a play experience for children

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If there is a lesson learned from Young Goodman Brown did Goodman Brown learn from this lesson?

The lesson learned from the story "Young Goodman Brown" is depression

How to Get Through an ICT Lesson?

As anyone who has had Industrial Cooperative Training (ICT) lessons will know, sometimes they're fun, but often they're really boring, especially if you are put to doing unskilled, or busy work. He... Read More »

How to Do an Art Lesson on Symmetry?

The harmony of lines and shapes in patterns often reflect types of symmetry. Examples of symmetrical patterns abound in nature, such as snowflakes, rock crystals or the veins in leaves, and each ca... Read More »

Lesson plans, need HELP?

I have this in my home for my homeschooled children and my day care kids. I call it the "Super Center" I have 8 rubber made shoe boxes ( 99 Cents store) and each box has a different color circle ... Read More »