How can plasma TVs be so thin?

Answer Plasma is known as the fourth state of matter. It can be found when gases are at extremely high temperatures. Our best known example is the sun, where much of the matter is in a plasma state. At lo... Read More »

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Can plasma arc cutting be used to cut thin sheet metals 1/2 inch thick?

Plasma arc cutting can be used to cut thin sheet metals 1/2 inch. The maximum thickness that a plasma arc cutter can handle depends upon the power of the machine, but most small plasma cutters can ... Read More »

Do I Look Naturally Thin or Anorexic Thin *PICS*?

you are quite thin, but so what? That's your body shape, embrace it. You're tall and thin like a model. The people who started the rumors are jealous of your ability to eat and still be thin. They'... Read More »

Why do thin girls complain about being thin!!?

There are 3 reasons skinny girls complain about being skinny:1: No one is ever happy with what they got2: Maybe they want u to tell them how great they look3: They have no chest... ;) lol

Are sony plasma TVs a good choice for first time buyers of plasma TVs?

Sony TV's have been around for a long time. If you are a first time buyer of a plasma TV Sony is a reputable company and would offer many excellent choices for you.