How can people prevent themselves from getting osteoporosis?

Answer Osteoporosis is a disease that effects the bones in the body, making them painfully brittle. It usually effects elderly people, making their day-to-day activities tiring, stressful and painful. How... Read More »

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How can i prevent people from getting my ip?

Pull the plug.... Other than that, be more careful so that you don't need to. VPNs and the like are difficult to set up and very time consuming, and may adversely affect your gaming experience. Fur... Read More »

How can I prevent myself from getting a cold when I'm at school with loads of people around me?

You can't prevent it but you can decrease your odds of getting a cold by washing your hands with warm water and a good antibacterial soap on a regular basis. If you're unable to do so, then use an ... Read More »

People are just plain lazy when it comes to getting the answers for themselves. Why?

because it's nice to get people opinions on things. for example, you just asked a question that could not be answered by google or wikipedia.

Why do kids get in trouble for defending themselves from getting hit from their parents?

Answer I'm not sure why kids get in trouble when they defend their selves from there parents. It doesn't make sense when your parents lose their temper on their child and the child fights back but... Read More »