How can people on myspace and facebook have so many friends?

Answer Some people just add whoever, so it looks like they know a lot of people when in actuallity they know like 10. Its a big popularity contest.

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Which is better @ getting more friends --- myspace or facebook?

Facebook, it is so much easier, you don't have to spend your life on creating a cool profile and when you are in college you will want a facebook, and you can decide who can view your profile, you ... Read More »

IS THERE ANY WEBSITES LIKE MYSPACE AND FACEBOOK TO CHAT WITH FRIENDS?, fun, and in 140 characters: share everything you do throughout the day using text, video and images.Filter updates received. Real life friends, co-workers, family….Import ... Read More »

Do you actually hang out with all of your facebook/myspace friends in real life?

no, i don't hang out with all of them... but I do know them all personally. Alot of people are from my old schools or classes I had in college. They are good contacts in case I had a question about... Read More »

Facebook: If two people have 92 mutual friends shouldn't they be friends?

well if people have 92 mutual friends and aren't friends themselves than most of the 92 probably aren't real life friends, just friends over facebook. It seems the average for everyone on facebook ... Read More »