How can one tipsy sooner: drinking straight vodka or mixing it with cold OJ?

Answer I find OJ at 30ish degrees works the best for me

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Is drinking a 375 ml bottle of vodka in one night alone considered "moderate drinking"?

My back hurts after mixing frozen lime aid and a pint of vodka . Is it the booze or all the highfruitosecornsu?

Your back hurts because you chose to spend the night sleeping outside in the cold over a fire hydrant.Next time share the joy juice. Also that corn syrup can do a nasty number on you- next time te... Read More »

Can mixing weed in hot water and drinking it get you high?

lol, tea causing brain damage. Thats cute. So is the idea that someone can be arrested for posting a question.But.. tea like that has been used for healing and other things for thousands of years. ... Read More »

Best (somewhat affordable) vodka's straight?

Skyy or New Amsterdam are both pretty smooth, cheaper than Grey Goose.