How can non owned autos be used?

Answer In order for your policy coverage to follow? The policy definition portion will typcially describe this, so check it too. The non-owned auto (couple of examples) you are at my house, and use my car... Read More »

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Is it illegal to drive a car owned by the main driver but mainly used by the second driver both covered with insurance?

Answer If they are covered under the same insurance policy no. Please be advised if the main driver is not listed as a driver on the said vehicle then there could potentially be no coverage in even... Read More »

Top Convertible Autos?

There are a plethora of 2010 convertible cars on the market today. There are also many resources that offer consumers a comprehensive breakdown of every car that has been, is and will be a part of ... Read More »

How to Set Headlights on Autos?

Setting the headlights on an automobile is an essential safety measure. The job is important because the headlights are an often overlooked safety feature on a vehicle and if the light beams are no... Read More »

Who makes bmw autos?

BMW automobiles are manufactured by the BMW Group. Production plants for BMW automobiles can be found in Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, China, the United States and South Africa. The ... Read More »