How can my name appear first when conducting a google search?

Answer There are no guarantees when conducting a Google search that what you want to find will appear first. However, there are certain things you can do to boost or encourage something, such as your name... Read More »

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Google search your name for me and tell me what results appear?

Girl scouts and bat mitzvah info. Nothing revealing or personal. All the pics are pretty good face shots. :)

How can I get my website to appear in Google or Yahoo search?

Getting your site to climb the listings naturally is very hard work. First you must submit your website URL to the search engines such as google and yahoo http://search... Read More »

When did the name Jesus first appear in Bibles?

The name Jesus first appeared in translations of the Bible in 1629. The original name is of Jesus is Greek in origin and is Iesous. The spelling changed throughout the many translations, until the ... Read More »

How do I remove personal information that presents when people search my name on google?