How can my family help save water?

Answer Water is one of the world's most precious resources, and it is used in most American households for cleaning, cooking, bathing and hundreds of other little uses every day. On average, the typical U... Read More »

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Where do you get in touch with Oprah Winfrey to help you save your home as you have had 2 deaths in the family and am surviving cancer at this time?

Miley Cyrus was and performed on the today show on August 27, 2009 in New York City, New York.

How do I save a scanned document to send by email. do I save as a jpeg or a tiff. help?

Definetly save it as a jpeg. (depending on your software, you may also save the document as a word doc). However, there are still a lot of people who use wordstar, or some other word program that... Read More »

Which water will help a plant grow best tap water sparkling water or purified water?

tap water will make your plants grow faster because it contains ions such as magnesium iron gases calcium carbonate and minerals.There is some purified water that will also make your plant grow onl... Read More »

How to Install Low Flow Water Fixtures to Save Water and Money?

Low-flow plumbing fixtures are designed to provide the same household conveniences as less efficient fixtures, while using far less water. Low-flow toilets typically use around 1 1/2 gallons per fl... Read More »