How can my connection speed possibly higher than my broadband speed?

Answer Ahh this is a common mistake many people make. What you are seeing is the connection between your computer and router. The router is connected to a modem. The Modem is what connects you to the Int... Read More »

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How do I speed up broadband connection?

MemoryAdd more memory to your computer. Most computers could use more RAM and adding RAM will often speed up the computer to utilize your broadband connection better. Make sure you have at least a ... Read More »

How to Speed Up Your Globe Broadband Connection?

Globe is one of Philippines’s telecommunications companies that offer services such as landline and wireless phones as well as broadband and dial-up Internet. The company offers WiMAX, the latest... Read More »

How to Force a Higher Speed Connection?

Speed connection or commonly known as Internet speed, refers to the amount of data received and sent to your computer while you are connected to the Web. It is directly dependent on the type of net... Read More »

Why do BT sell their broadband as "up to 8 Meg" when my connection speed is dismally 1.97 and at best 2.1?

8 Meg is what it can do at "optimal" settings. Then you have to factor in a number of other things, mainly the distance you live from the transfer point, and that then gives you your actual speed.... Read More »