How can my company get incorporated?

Answer Incorporating your business is one of the most important tasks you'll complete for your business. When you incorporate your business, you'll create an entirely separate legal entity. One of the maj... Read More »

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What is an incorporated company?

The corporation is the most popular business entity. Corporate entities range in size from one-man outfits to multibillion-dollar international enterprises. Despite these variations in size and fun... Read More »

Do you need to file Form 2553 if a company is incorporated?

A taxpayer must use Form 2553 if the corporation wants to file its taxes as an S Corporation. If the corporation does not want to file as an S Corporation, then it does not need to file Form 2553. ... Read More »

How to Form a Not-for-Profit Corporation Under an Incorporated Company?

A for profit company establishing a non-profit organization is much the same as any other group or individuals starting a non-profit corporation. Most often a for profit corporation will set up a p... Read More »

In what city was Ford Motor Company founded& incorporated?

Ford Motor Company was founded and incorporated in Detroit, Michigan, on June 16, 1903. Henry Ford and eleven other stockholders signed their names to the official paperwork that was filed with the... Read More »