How can music help women in labor?

Answer mothers require less pharmaceutical pain relief during labor if they make use of music. Using music that is familiar and associated with positive imagery is the most helpful. During early labor, th... Read More »

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What does research say about pregnant women who are in good physical condition while in labor and recovering from labor?

They aren't as stressed as a normal women giving birth, and they aren't in as much pain as a normal women giving birth. (This question is only asked at Niles West)

What Not To Say To A Women In Labor?

Women,....Go're always gettin' yourself into this crap............and then wawawa.....orHoney, I know you had this THING planned but there's this really good game on and a couple of ... Read More »

How long is average women in labor?

until the baby pops out of her vagina

Signs of Labor for Women With Fast Labors?

Some pregnant women experience fast labor, also known as precipitate labor. This means the labor and birth can happen in less than three hours versus a normal labor, which typically averages about ... Read More »