How can make my computer stop accepting information from the Internet?

Answer defenestration would fix it....

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How to Stop Thinking that Accepting Help is a Sign of Weakness?

It may seem strange, but helping others makes some people happy, while being the object of help can make some people feel the opposite.While it may sound simple enough, accepting help is something ... Read More »

Computer/Internet help Information ASAP please! Easy 10 pts?

Are you sure you have dialup? this is almost obsolete and you should have a broadband connection? whoever told you your machine was too old knows NOTHING about computers.

My computer isn't accepting the proper ram. Why?

I never mix RAM just because of this. I think that the problem is that by filling the first two dimms you are engaging dual channel mode, and since you only have one chip in the second pair of slot... Read More »

How do I stop my DSL computer from connecting to the Internet automatically?

DSL (digital subscriber line) service is access through existing copper phone lines. In most cases, DSL access is automatic when you boot up your computer. You may want to disable DSL connectivity ... Read More »