How can ignore spicy tastes?

Answer Try savoring the spiciness instead of trying to ignore it. Chew slowly and experience the flavors. If you do this a few times, you'll get used to the heat and not notice it much at all.

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Do you make your Chili mild, medium spicy or full of fire spicy?

Medium most of the time but depending on the occasion we have done the mild and the spicy also.BQ: Crackers, Cornbread is usually served with regular beans in our house.

I just cooked a T-Bone steak and put "English Pub Spicy Steak Sauce" on it. It was NOT spicy at all. Does?

English food is blander than styrofoam packing peanuts. That, combined with years of eating tamales made by your house servant Juanita, has left your tastebuds completely incapable of sensing what... Read More »

Simple question. What are your 3 favorite Spicy Foods If you don't like spicy foods what are your 3 ->?

Spicy Foods:Wasabi - For sushiChipotle MayoSpicy Thai Peanut SauceCheese:Pepper JackParmesan Fontina

How to Ignore a Jerk?

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