How can identify my sound card driver,i cant open my CPU.i want install driver?

Answer This is a CPU. What do you mean you can't open your CPU ???…

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Cannot install 5.1 surround sound card driver in linux (ubuntu)?

Here is the Official Ubuntu Sound and Sound Troubleshooting Documentation…LUg.

What is a sound card driver?

A sound card driver is software that drives the audio information from your computer system to the sound card. Without the sound card driver, there is no sound.Determine the DriverThe device manage... Read More »

Cant Install geforce driver (301.42-desktop-win7-winvista-…?

Wrong driver. You got the desktop, when you need to mobility. You need this one:…

This makes me sound like a 6 yr old but I want to be a Train Driver?

My neice is a train-driver. She always wanted to be a pilot, but couldn't pass the exams - so now she drives a train.Ring up or write to some/all the operators you've mentioned, and ask what quali... Read More »