How can i ward off tiredness in the afternoon?

Answer Five hour energy! Or plenty of a good night's sleep

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Afternoon tiredness?

Tips:1. chemicals.I use an energy drink.2. take lots of short breaks. make sure you breathe in lots of air3. This is not a joke: It stretches the muscles and stimulates a nerve in that area so your... Read More »

Is there any ward as you have no ward till now?

How to Stop Tiredness?

Being tired is the most common complaint doctors hear across the country. It is a paradox that with so many labor saving devices, methods of transportation and manners of communication that sleep a... Read More »

Is tiredness a symptom of hepatitis C?

On One Hand: Fatigue is One SymptomPeople who have hepatitis C may feel fatigued, or very tired, according to the Mayo Clinic and Medline Plus.On the Other: Other SymptomsWhile fatigue is one sympt... Read More »