How can i wake myself up in the mrning without coffee or energy drinks?

Answer Take a warm to cool shower. It is harsh after getting out of a warm bed, but the shock to the system gets your whole body working. Also, if you have a multi-B vitamin, take that as well. Also, anyt... Read More »

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How come you can buy soda and coffee with EBT but not Energy drinks and 5 hour energy?

You can buy an energy drink like red bull - the operating word is DRINK. Five hour energy is not a drink it's a supplement.

Coffee vs Energy Drinks?

most energy drinks are bad for you with the exception of XS energy drinks, they don't have any sugar and only 8 calories and have tons of B vitamins which gives you a boost of energy throughout the... Read More »

Can u mix energy drinks and coffee together and drink it?

Be careful mixing energy drinks with coffee or alcohol as it could make any existing medical condition worse or you could get dehydrated. So take particular care when at pubs or parties. Drink lots... Read More »

How to Pull an All Nighter Without Energy Drinks or Coffee?

Ever wanted to pull of a successful all-nighter, but didn't want to waste your money on energy drinks and coffee? Well this article will show you the way to an awesome, non cranky, non groggy, all-... Read More »