How can i view all the SQL Servers and its database in my Visual basic 2008?

Answer Here are but a few links to information that should get you started:…… Read More »

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How do i access a database using visual basic 6.0?

Create New ProjectOpen the Visual Basic 6.0 program to create a new project. Add a form and label onto the new project. Name the label "MyData." Press "Ctrl+T" then click "Add Component."Locate Con... Read More »

How to Save an Image to a Database With MS Visual Basic 6?

Your database saves images in binary form, so you can display the images on a webpage or Windows form. The Visual Basic language has a connection syntax that allows you to connect to the database, ... Read More »

What is visual basic 2008?

Visual Basic 2008 is a programing language developed by Microsoft designed especially for building applications. It is a more developed version of a programming language called simply Visual Basic,... Read More »

How to Learn Visual Basic 2008?

Visual Basic 2008 is available in both Microsoft's Visual Basic Express and Visual Studio.NET developer environments. Visual Basic Express is a limited framework of the full Visual Studio.NET envir... Read More »