How can i use same printer with two computer?

Answer You will need to have a home network installed. We will have to assume that you know how to setup a home network and know how to connect the two computers to the same network. Setup one printer wit... Read More »

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1 yr Dell computer&printer - printer continually cannot communicate with compuer. Can you help me out Thank?

Really could use more info about your setup.If you're connected with a USB cable, check & reseat both ends & make sure they're connected securely. Try a different USB cable & maybe port on the comp... Read More »

We bought a HP computer it came without a printer...will any brand be compatible with the computer?

Printer compatibility with computers has nothing to do with the brand. If Your HP computer is running Windows XP or Vista, and the printer you purchase claims it is compatible with either of these ... Read More »

Says printer not connected, but is - same with speakers?

Seems like you know your way around a computer which will help. I would suggest to make sure your drivers are installed for speakers/printer etc If it's a HP printer then go to HP site and download... Read More »

I updated my computer to window vista now my printer cannot communicate with my computer what happen?

You need a windows vista driver for your printer, go to the printer manufacturers website and download one.