How can i upload photo's from a photo album onto the interweb?

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How to Upload Photos on Facebook Without Creating a New Album?

If you want to post pictures quickly on Facebook, bypass the photo album creation process. Expedite photo posting by uploading a photo as your status update or by adding photos to an existing album... Read More »

How to Add Photos to Facebook Photo Album?

This article is about adding photos to an already made photo album.

How to Add Photos to Photo Album on Facebook Fan Page?

Just as the traditional Facebook profile does for an individual user and his friends, Facebook "Pages" allows companies, causes and celebrities to connect with "Fans" using the social media utility... Read More »

How do you get the photos for the photo album on wild kratts?

Kangaroo - Go to outback, go right and jump over cliff with kangaroo suit. Keep going right until you are as far right as possible. Cheetah - Go to Savannah, and run right with your suit until you ... Read More »