How can i upload images from my video camera to my pc?

Answer 1) See if there was any Installation CD that came with your camera, and install if any2) Connect your camera to your PC using a USB cable3) Go to "My Computer" in your PC's "Start" menu4) In the fo... Read More »

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What is a video camera and how does it record images?

Press the icon and hold for approx. 2-3 seconds. When the icons begin to "shake" then you will be able to move them around. When re arranging is complete just press the "home" button.

How do you upload a video on youtube without a camera?

you can't unless you make something on windowns movie maker sooo yep

How to upload a video from a camera to youtube?

What I would do is upload the vids from your camera to the computer, then open the vids in windows movie maker (or a similar program). make sure it works, and then upload it to youtube!NOTE: I have... Read More »

How do you upload video from nikon coolpix camera to PC?

In 35mm or digital camera there is a type of shutter or lens that controls how the outcome of the image is. These two things are very important in how the images exposure, depth of field, clarity o... Read More »