How can i turn on and off the lights of my room using my computer?

Answer The two standards are X10 as was mentioned before and Insteon. Check this wikihow article:…

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Is using the Turn Off button to turn off your computer harmful?

I don't recommend it. Holding it in for 8 seconds to shut it off can't be good for your motherboard, and power supply. It's also not good for the hard drive, as Windows could become corrupt. Just p... Read More »

When you use a computer, are you supposed to use it with the lights on or off in the room?

At night, lights on but in the day lights off, if you have good enough lighting, if the lighting is crappy where you are then obviously have the lights on - It just helps prevent eye strain

My computer won't start up. When i try and turn it on no lights respond at the front of it! Help please!?

Very unlikely to be a virus, since it's related to your power supply.From the data you provided, I'd say it's the power supply. You didn't specify how old EXACTLY your computer is, and I wouldn't r... Read More »

How do i turn off my computer using the keyboard?

Use Alt+F4 to close any programs running already (one press to close one program) NOTE: does not close minimised programs! When all the programs are closed, another press of ALT+F4 will ask if you ... Read More »