How can i turn my video from my camera into a picture?

Answer Search "screenshot maker freeware" on Yahoo! or Google, and download one. Play your video on the computer, and pause it when you want that picture. Open the screenshot maker, and select the area of... Read More »

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How to Turn a Sony Video Camera Into a Webcam?

If you would like to join the millions of other Internet users that engage in live video chat sessions with colleagues, friends and relatives, you will need a web camera capable of streaming live v... Read More »

How can I import video clips from my HD camera into a video editing application?

You did not tell us WHICH HD camcorder from Sony.If you are using a hard drive or flash memory based camcorder, that AVCHD video cannot be used by Microsoft MovieMaker - and only the most current v... Read More »

Is it possible to freeze a frame from a DVD or VHS & turn it into a picture?

You can actually do this several ways, but if you don't have a DVD drive in your computer, you can do it using a basic DVD (or VHS for tapes) player and a video capture device like this one: http:/... Read More »

How do You get Video from your video camera using the only USB cable going into a Mac?

You don't use USB to transfer the video. iMovie won't recognize the video from the camcorder coming in the USB port.Presuming your camcorder uses miniDVD discs and your Mac has a slot loading DVD d... Read More »