How can i turn my printer online-it says its offline now?

Answer Control panel>Printers and faxes>double click on the printer icon>Printer>click on the 'use printer online' option

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How do I get my printer back online It says offline.?

Issues or errors within the operating system might also cause printer offline issue. Users having offline printer issue are advised to clean the registry of the system, check integrity of the syste... Read More »

My printer says its "offline" how do i make it "online"?

install software , check and double check the cable connections , enable it in device manager and ... if that doesn't do it... search 4 that guarantee.

Printer was working now it says its offline. the icon on printer is lit stating its connected. what do i do?

First, check to see if all connections are secure and in placeStart Devices and printersRight click your printer iconSelect see what's printingClick on the word printerRemove check to use Printe... Read More »

Wireless printer wont print (laptop says printer offline)?

Try uninstalling the printer driver software & then reinstalling it.I've got an HP wireless printer that does the same thing on occasion.