How can i turn my laptop monitor into a mirror?

Answer try polishing the mirror and then scan it again, scanning my mirror worked for me!

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How can i turn my pc monitor into a mirror scanning a mirror doesnt work?

add silver chloride to ammonia coat your monitors screen in the resultign solution of silver nitrate. then pour sodium hydroxide onto the screen.

Can I turn my computer monitor into a mirror by scanning a mirror?

Yes. You can actually. I tried it last night when I went inside my video game and galloped into the sunset on a unicorn that was biochemically engineered by an evil corporation funded by Malinda Ga... Read More »

How do i turn my monitor into a mirror?

How to turn computer monitor into mirror ?

Nice try but I've got you. A fellow stumble user I presume? This question was asked two years ago verbatim, except for the slight rewording of the second sentence. I guess we are both losers for... Read More »