How can i turn my hard drive into a external drive?

Answer There are enclosures. Take your hard disk to a spares shop and you can easily get it converted into an external hard disk.If you can, get a cache (RAM) of at least 8 MB for the hard disk when you ... Read More »

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How to Turn an Internal Hard Drive Into an External Hard Drive?

If you plan on upgrading to a new hard drive, or you've got an old hard drive sitting on your shelf collecting dust, you can turn that extra hard drive into an external drive. You can use an extern... Read More »

How to Turn an External Hard Drive Into a DVR?

It is possible to use an external hard drive in a variety of different ways, including a DVR if your current DVR's hard drive is completely full. Because the external hard drive does not have its o... Read More »

Can you turn an internal hard drive into an external one?

Yes, but you can't avoid jargon completely as you need to know what type of internal hard drive you have. Specifically, you need to know what type of socket there is on it for the cables that conne... Read More »

Buying a new comp, Is it possible to have an external Hard Drive for work and Internal hard drive for game?

you don't need to load a separate copy of windows or office into the external hard drive, but yes.To eurostudio:You have probably never tried vista and don't know how LITTLE ram it uses (yes, that ... Read More »