How can i turn a link into an embed code?

Answer What kind of Link. And what type of Code are you wanting to Embed into. Not much details to go on from the supplied question.If you are talking about HTML, there are hundreds of sites available f... Read More »

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Can I embed a link into text in photoshop?

The only way to have an image have links in it is to make the image an image map. Then define your hotspots for where you want your links.Online Image Map Makers: Read More »

How do you turn a regular link into a "tinyurl" :) ?

http://www.tinyurl.comIt's quite simple; they walk you right through it :)(((((Tomato)))))

How to Embed a Link on Tumblr?

Tumblr lets you choose from a variety of post templates from the user dashboard, enabling the post format to suit the type of content you are posting. If you want to embed a link into a Tumblr post... Read More »

How to Turn Your Writing Into a Super Secret Code?

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