How can i treat an abscess on a missing tooth ASAP?

Answer The infection will not wait until later in the week. It will need antibiotics as soon as possible. Leaving it will cause other problems and other expense.

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How to Treat a Tooth Abscess?

A tooth abscess occurs when there is decay in a tooth that hasn't been properly or timely treated. It is also sometimes caused by a break or crack in a tooth, where bacteria can enter the pulp of t... Read More »

Tooth Abscess in Dogs?

Tooth abscesses can be as painful for dogs as they are for humans, and as costly. Because dogs cannot tell their owners when they are in pain or discomfort, tooth abscesses often go unnoticed by ow... Read More »

Is Extracting an Abscess Tooth Dangerous?

No. You can die from NOT getting it extracted. Extracting the tooth ASAP is the fastest way to rid yourself of the infection.

Is amoxicillian+clavulanic ok for tooth abscess?

Yes, it is. But if there is no improvement in the pain and the abscess does not heal the tooth will need to be extracted so the pus can come out and heal properly, otherwise the infection can spread.