How can i trace a witheld number?

Answer You cant trace the number,but your service provider can.How ever they wont give it to you as the culprits are protected by "DATA PROTECTION",and your rights are not worth a jot..You can take it to ... Read More »

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Does Anyone Get Prank Calls Of A Witheld Number Or Unknown Number?

Well av had a couple but it don't really bother me, but my sis has had one just a few weeks bak, it was this really dirty middle aged guy who must of been a pedo or suttin he kept phoning me sis ba... Read More »

How do i trace an ip number?

Click the " Lookup IP Address Details" link in the References section.Type the IP address into the the box under the "Please enter the IP address you want to lookup below:" wo... Read More »

Can someone please help me trace this number?

I suggest you call your phone company or look into phone number blacklisting. To my knowledge, most phone nowadays have a blacklist of the numbers you won't respond too. Or call your phone company/... Read More »

Where can I trace a phone number?

Most online phone books, such as, have a "reverse lookup" function. With reverse lookup, you can enter the phone number and find the name of the person or business for that number (a... Read More »