How can i test hormone levels?

Answer Hormones regulate much of our body function. They can account for our weight, our height, body hair and our mood and disposition. If any of these functions are abnormal, it may help to have hormone... Read More »

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You are getting HCG Beta blood tests done to test your hormone levels should you be concerned if they haven't doubled over a two day period?

Answer No, because every woman is different and they might not double exactly ever 2 days but as long as they are rising you should be fine.

How to Test the pH Levels of Freshwater?

The pH scale represents the way to the acidity level in water solutions. The neutral solution has a pH of 7. Acidic solutions have pH values below 7, while a pH greater than 7 is basic. The term "f... Read More »

Fructosamine Test & Glucose Levels?

The fructosamine test, according to Lab Tests Online, is used to monitor blood sugar in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. The American Diabetes Association recognizes both the fructosamine t... Read More »

What do inspectors use to test levels of asbestos?

Inspectors use a microscope to test for asbestos in a sample, using a technique called polarized light microscopy (PLM), which can identify both the type of asbestos present in the sample and the p... Read More »