How can i tell if there is a hidden camera in my house?

Answer if it is a camera he/she would have to connect to a av source of some kind like tv,pc now a hearing device you start looking for a hidden mic,it could be in a bunch of flowers or books the list goe... Read More »

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Hidden camera techniques with a regular camera?

Interesting question. It will not be easy to hide the camera but you can put it behind a dark Plexiglas so it would not be seen.On the other hand depending on the theme or subject and what you are ... Read More »

Are there hidden cameras in my house?

There are no hidden cameras in your house unless you put them there. I do not mean this to sound harsh but nobody is actually that interested in your life that they would break into your house and ... Read More »

Hidden camera help please!!?………They aren't cheap, but they definit... Read More »

Possible hidden cameras around the house... Any way to find them?

get rid of the husband, remember the wedding vows....another hidden place would be in vents, small openings in the floorboards, ceiling, like a ceiing fan, anywhere but honestly, there's a trust is... Read More »