How can i tell if the motherboard or the processor is bad in a laptop?

Answer Troubleshooting motherboard and processor problems typically boils down to a few basic steps, all designed to try different tests until you can determine the specific piece of equipment that is not... Read More »

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Can you put an Intel processor in an AMD motherboard?

Generally, an Intel processor cannot be placed in a motherboard designed for AMD processors because the two companies design processors for sockets with different pin configurations. Occasionally, ... Read More »

Motherboard & Processor Compatibility?

Ensuring your processor and motherboard are compatible is vital when choosing parts to build your own computer system. If they are both the same socket type, they will most likely work together.

A girl or a motherboard and a processor?

I think it really depends on who the girl is. If she's already someone special to you and you have a good relationship, then that money is well worth spending on her. She'll feel special and it may... Read More »

Motherboard and Processor Compatibility?