How can i tell if my apple wine is bad?

Answer I can tell its bad from the recipe. There is no other way it can be dangerous other than the alcohol it might produce and even then its not so bad. It safe to drink but not so good.

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Apple wine. Do i filter it after and could i add bananas?

Sounds more like you're making a strong cider than a wine. But hey, those are thin lines I suppose. At any rate, you should let the jug sit for at lease 3 weeks to give time for sediment to settle ... Read More »

How much sugar is in one gallon of homemade apple wine?

For one gallon of apple wine, two and a half pounds of sugar is needed. The sugar helps sweeten the wine and is added to the 10 pounds of apples, two lemons and one pound of raisins that are also u... Read More »

How to Make Wine Out of Sparkling Apple Cider?

Hard cider, or fermented apple cider, was once the most popular drink in America with consumption increasing 200 percent between 1870 and 1892. As of 2003, hard cider's popularity began to increase... Read More »

Apple juce, yest, suger. to make wine pls help?

If the room temperature is high enough (70'sF) it will work off in a couple of weeks but it takes time to clear, as well. You are looking at a minimum of a month; longer is better. If you want a st... Read More »