How can i tell a friend without offending her that she has badbreath Please help...?

Answer buy some toothpaste and a tooth brush say they were on offer bogof or something similar and then ask her if she wants themits suttle and she should'nt take offencecdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulac... Read More »

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My friend is 18 and ways 400 pound please tell me if that over weigh?

Yes, he is considered MORBIDLY OBESE. And if you want him to live past his 20th birthday you need to convince him to get a gastric bypass or something.

Please help, my friend is telling me that if I don't have hd channels than i can't get hd quality help.?

You need both the HD box and you need to subscribe to HD channel package. Once you subscribe to the high def package ($10 month), you will see 2 channels for many of the different channels. One cha... Read More »

How to Go Out with Your Best Friend's Older Brother Without Offending Your Best Friend?

If you're going out with your best friend's older brother and really love him but you don't want your best friend to get should read this.

How do i tell that my mouse is pregnant PLEASE HELP ME!?