How can i teach myself to throwup?

Answer Yes.......but I don't recommend it. I do it sometimes when I feel sick to my stomach or ate something bad, but if you want to do it for other reasons, I wouldn't. You will begin to have an eating d... Read More »

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How to make yourself throwup?

its kinda nasty tasting but when my husband gets that feeling he does a little bit of baking soda just enought to cover the bottom of the cup and some water and mix it together and when you drink i... Read More »

Is it normal to throwup when your stressed out?

I don't know if I'd say it's normal but it is a side effect of not managing your stress well as the body is trying to find a way to cope with things that are going on. The best thing you can do is... Read More »

Why did cell throwup androd 18?

sleep mode is state of phone. You can go to sleep mode by fast pushing power button. the screen will go off and phone will be in sleep mode. Phone also go to sleep mode when idle for a longer time.

How to Teach Your Dog to Come?

"Come" is one of the most important commands your dog will learn. It not only makes your relationship with your dog easier, but it teaches your dog some obedience and may save your dog's life somed... Read More »