How can i teach my 5 years old?

Answer have 17 pebbles and a piece of string.Lay sting down verticallyarrange 9 pebbles on one side in a pattern...and 8on the other side.So she can SEE it's more.However, seeing as child is only'... Read More »

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How to Teach Phonics During the Early Years?

Phonics taught in the early years teaches students to form sounds from letters and to recognize sound blends and patterns to develop reading skills. Phonics instruction focuses on letter recognitio... Read More »

How to teach a 4 years old preschooler to quit using diapers?

I am surprised he was allowed to enroll. In my area, all children are required to be toilet trained at age 3 to be in a daycare/preschool facility. For my son, the best thing was to just put him in... Read More »

How many years does someone have to have been driving for, before they can teach someone else to drive?

In UK you have to have had a licence for 3 years and be over 21

If you 17-years-old and your boy frind is 19-years-old and want to keep the baby what can you do legally?

Answer So far what I have read about keeping a baby when you are underaged is that you have the same rights that a adult has over the baby. You can keep it if you want to. Especially scince you'll... Read More »