How can i stop my eyesight from getting worse!?

Answer During stressful times we can learn incorrect vision habits that squeeze our eyes out of shape and give us blurry vision. Once we get artificial corrections for our blurry vision we don't have to c... Read More »

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How can I stop my eyesight from getting worse?

Your advancement in your myopic state is due to heredity and will continue to advance when you grow. It will stop once you stop growing. You have a long eyeball, that is what is the cause of most m... Read More »

Is there any way to stop eyesight from getting progressively worse?

You need to wear contact lenses rather than glasses. If your eyes have to strain across the gap between them and your glasses, it weakens hem. Contact lenses sit on the eye itself, eliminating the ... Read More »

What are the causes of bad eyesight so i can prevent my eyes from getting worse?

I know too much computer made me near sighted

Eyesight is getting worse?

Well, it couldn't hurt to get an eye test, they should be able to figure out what is going on (prescribe glasses if necessary, rule out ant strange eye diseases, etc). Also, as somebody else mentio... Read More »