;;How can i stop my adobe flash player from keep on crashing..?

Answer uninstall the program... go to control panel > add/remove programs > and remove the program... and reinstall it....… or use the troubleshooting links on t... Read More »

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Why does my flash player keep crashing even though its updated on my Google Chrome?

your machine may need a good cleaning.Here is a free program that works wonders.…Best of luck!

I all ready have Adobe Flash Player 11 on my computer. If I down load Google Crome it comes with the Adobe Fla?

If you already have it, Google chrome won't install another one. Its the same.thing.

What can you use instead of adobe flash player?

The Remarq is cute, Eco friendly and small but the intercept is a touch screen and big but touch screens Break easily. *k*

How do you get adobe flash player on ipad2?

No, but Pages is on the App Store and those files can be converted into Word files.