How can i stop my 13 year old son from hogging the PC?

Answer the tables have finally turned and you are now the adult ...YOU get the remote YOU get the good chair YOU get to say when the tv / playstation / pc is turned on or off.YOU can give HIM a SLAP aroun... Read More »

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I want to stop my year 13 ICT students from keeping on asking questions on Yahoo How can I stop them?

How to stop 3 year old from wetting the bed?

It takes patience in raising a child, but, I would advise seeing the pediatrician. They are more trained to help in that category than any other person. The best answer is to stay calm when it happ... Read More »

What is the best way to stop a 10-year-old child from wetting the bed?

well, my kid wet the bed a lot, so there is no proper way, but my way worked, i gave my kid pull ups for kids, then they became dependant on them and just used them whenver he wet the bed, they wou... Read More »

How can you stop a seven year old little sister from annoying you?