How can i stop getting blisters on my feet when i play sports?

Answer wear thick comfortable socks. And try to wear 'supports' for your feet or something like thatshoes is also a factor.

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How can I stop getting blisters on my feet?

Wear thick socks to protect your feet from rubbing against your shoes. Also, make sure your shoes are fitted correctly--you may even want to go somewhere where they will measure your feet. If you... Read More »

Why are your children getting red small sores and blisters on their feet and hands after being in the swimming pool?

Abrasions from the bottom and sides. If they swim a lot they'll form callus' but they are a pain at the beginning of the season. Pool shoes will help prevent them. I assume you are talking about th... Read More »

How to Stop Getting Dead Skin on Your Feet?

Do you have dead skin on your feet? Read this article for a possible solution.

Is it worth getting a 55-200mm lens for a Nikon D40 when taking sports photography?

I would definitly answer "yes" to the best quality lens you can afford. I shoot soccer as an advanced hobby and find that even the 70-200mm VR lens is sometimes not long enough, so I've broken down... Read More »