How can i stop getting blisters on my feet when i play sports?

Answer wear thick comfortable socks. And try to wear 'supports' for your feet or something like thatshoes is also a factor.

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How can I stop getting blisters on my feet?

Wear thick socks to protect your feet from rubbing against your shoes. Also, make sure your shoes are fitted correctly--you may even want to go somewhere where they will measure your feet. If you... Read More »

How can I give myself blisters on my hands, neck, feet, and groin?

i'll give you some blisters if you want. I love you and want to wear your skin

My feet feel soooooooooo good without socks in my sneakers, how can i do this and not get blisters?

Buy a very good pair of sneakers, and do not tie them real tight. Try to buy cloth sneakers (with the cloth insoles) and most likely you will not get a blister

Why are your children getting red small sores and blisters on their feet and hands after being in the swimming pool?

Abrasions from the bottom and sides. If they swim a lot they'll form callus' but they are a pain at the beginning of the season. Pool shoes will help prevent them. I assume you are talking about th... Read More »