How can i stop being depressed ?

Answer Hey man my advise is to try to get a girl friend not that u can't just saying she will help so much dude and find a best friend that's a girl and just explain everything to her and just set there a... Read More »

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How to Stop Being Depressed About Love?

When love turns sour and depression sets in, is there a way out? There is most certainly; everyone has the capacity to reach deep inside and find a way through love gone wrong, or unrequited love. ... Read More »

How to Stop Being Rude to People when You're Depressed?

When stricken with depression, it is often hard to focus on others, and what they have to say. It is easy enough to shove others off or say rude comments. You can, however, overcome this without be... Read More »

How can you tell the difference between being normally hormonal, and being depressed?

You need to have your doctor keep a close eye on you for the rest of your term and a few months afterwards.

How to Get Over Being a Depressed Kid?

If you're a depressed child, your depression is every bit as real and worrying as that of an adult. You should seek help as soon as possible. This article provides some things to consider doing to ... Read More »