How can i stay away from junk food?

Answer Set a goal to only eat fruit and vegetables. Every time you don't stay on track for you goal set a punishment such as jogging or doing some sort of activity you hate doing. This way you'll eventual... Read More »

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Why is Junk food the cheapest food, and healthy food is expensive?

That's a good question. That's why people who are financially challenged suffer from obesity. I'm sure more people would love to be able to eat more healthfully but they really cannot afford to. Ju... Read More »

How to Cut Down on Junk Food?

Junk food has become easily accessible to the general public. With our busy lifestyles only getting busier, it’s not wonder that so many Americans rely on junk food as a large part of their daily... Read More »

How to Quit Junk Food?

Some foods like these look tempting but are not the healthiest treat! What else should you eat?Do you love junk food and you can't get enough of it? Here's how to stop eating unhealthy food and sta... Read More »

Junk food causes and effects]?

Despite being labeled as "junk" consuming such foods usually does not pose any immediate health concerns and is generally safe when integrated into a well balanced diet.